4 Holden's Eyez Only sole' cole

The first song I chose for Holden's playlist planner is J.Cole's St. Tropez because i feel it corresponds with each other in a way I see. It makes connections between Hollywood and a boy. Holden talks about his brother D.B in Hollywood. The song talks about a boy going to Hollywood about to make money. This also corresponds with the title because all this is really for Holden's eyes only. These also make a great connection because most people to escape go to Hollywood for a better life.

I feel like this song Fake Love by Drake fits in Holden's playlist because I see while reading the book Holden gets a lot of fake love. I see people pretend to really love Holden but all along they just are trying to be friendly with him. Holden has been down so long he has a lot of people want to look up to him like they care but he seems to not need them. Holden in my eyes seems to have a very strong mindset.Holden tells people to not worry about him I feel is because when he needs them they don't want to be there, but when he does not need them they want to be their. Holden sees who is real straight up to his face and who is fake and that's why this song fits so well on his playlist.

This song Apparently by J.Cole definitely belongs on Holden's playlist based off the fact people come up to him and talk about how Jesus or "the lord" should be your best buddy or follow you or even talk to him all the time. J.Cole lets it be know that he has the lord following him and talks to him for comfort and for help. These two things have a similar correlation with each other because.Holden witnesses some one talking to him about someone he look to talk to for help. Holden seem to not get why this is helpful for the young man but soon will get it. Apparently tells of a story of a boy leaving his mom for his dream and trying to find him self and goes through obstacles but makes it in the end and through all the spells out Holden in bold letters.

2pac is very inspirational in many peoples lives and does a lot music wise, everything he says has you think. Holden's playlist has to have 2pac because he is relateable. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, symbolizes a women who may be old but is really sweet on the inside. These also go with each other because Holden is not the only one who thinks like this. Holden has to deal with women at this age and has to realize certain things and this song will make him do it.

This song goes perfect for Holden's playlist because it goes with the prof from the book. The song i chose was Mariah Carey bye bye because she has a hard time saying bye to the people she loves. Holden also seems to have a very hard time saying bye to the people he loves because its never easy. I think when Holden hears this song he will feel better and now that you don't have to say bye bye to a loved one because you'll see them soon. Holden seem to have to go through many trials to get to where he is.

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