Mechanical Engineeringing by Q Lam

What do Mechanical Engineers do?

  • Analyze problems
  • Design mechanical and thermal devices
  • Analyze test results
  • Alter designs and oversee manufacturing process for device

Training, Qualifications, Advancement

In order to achieve a career in mechanical engineering, you will need a bachelor's degree

Skills needed

  • creativity
  • listening skills
  • math skills
  • problem solving skills


The number of recorded mechanical engineers in 2014 is 277,500

Job outlook

  • The rate of mechanical engineers growing is estimated 5% from 2014 to 2024
  • The need for mechanical engineers is projected to grow much faster as companies continue to contract work from firms

Projections data

From 2014 to 2024, it is predicted that there will be 14,600 more mechanical engineers

The total percentage change for mechanical engineers is 5%


The average pay in 2015 is $83,590 annually and $40.19 an hour

Related occupations

  • Architect
  • Mechanical engineering technicians
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Physicist
  • Astronomer


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