Timelines by etc montessori

14 years ago we started telling a story, and we haven't stopped yet!

Timelines have always played an important part in the development and culture of this company. In the first years we came to be known as "the timeline people". Through our timelines, ETC has brought to life some of the most extraordinary stories. They have been collected, admired and used by children around the world. Because we believe, ultimately, that each story a child discovers in one of our timelines is a small part of what makes us human.

Now discover for yourself what goes into creating a great story.

It all starts with the proper size.

Timeline of History of Numbers

Each timeline is designed so that it complements the environment. A size that is always in proportion to the proper space each child needs to function effectively in the classroom. The effect is a beautiful scroll that fits neatly and doesn't look out of place.

Timeline of Life

With each scale perfectly calibrated

Every life lived on this planet has a story. Every story is a small part of a culture. How will you show this connection?

A timeline is more than just pictures and text on a paper. Our timelines are calibrated to show multiple stories, and perspectives, over a number of subjects. Line them up and watch the children discover how a single idea can move the world forward, or bring an empire to its knees.

Each time scale is perfectly calibrated.

Keeping it simple

A story should be easy to understand. Most of all though it should be easy to follow. Our timelines are not just another set of materials. Every timeline we create is designed to bring together other subjects so that children can realize the big picture.

Information is carefully chosen so that it purposefully guides the children to explore, discover and understand.

For what good is a story told if it doesn't inspire?

Every story is an experience. It contains humor, pain, passion or joy. Sometimes it contains all four, and it inspires children to seek more. To go beyond that initial "aha" moment.

If it doesn't become real?

Our connection goes beyond the simple facts. It transcends time and helps one understand the past. We are more than just a collective of knowledge. What shows up in today's headlines or screen has its roots in a story that started over 500 years ago when a movable alphabet was invented.

It's more than just facts. There is a story in each picture.

...and if it doesn't validate who we are?

It doesn't matter what the number of children engaged in a timeline is. From 1 to 10 or even more, the story is valid and stands on its own merit.

Because every story we tell really does matter.

The beauty of a timeline goes far beyond the pictures. Tap or click on the pictures to enlarge

And every story connects us to an even greater reality.

Because who we are, what we do and who we become, depends on how we connect our past with how we live in the present!

Our timelines explore the cosmic story.

ETC Montessori

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ETC Montessori


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