Moon Colonization BY: ELI N.

Is it even possible?

It may seem like an impossible task, but NASA scientists think it can be done by 2022. It may seem like a lot but in reality it's only 5 years! It'll only cost... $10 billion!

How Could We Survive?

We breath oxygen, right? Wrong. Well, half wrong. Air is 78% Nitrogen and only 21% oxygen. Nitrogen doesn't effect our bodies. It's just there. Our bodies turn oxygen into energy and then we release carbon dioxide.

This picture shows how to breath properly

How do they breath?

People on the International Space Station breath through Russian and American technology. It is created through a process which turns water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. This will work on the moon if we can use the ice found there.

What would it be made of?

It would most likely be made of titanium on the outside because it can withstand great heat and pressure. Titanium is easy to produce and has about a 6 on the hardness scale. Titanium is a common used metal in the space industry.

What would it look like?

NASA images show multiple dome-shaped buildings connected by tube shaped hallways. I personally like the design. They should be built on the poles because they are the points on the moon that receive the most sunlight.


There are many problems to be encountered while living and colonizing the moon. The first one that comes to mind is how the moon's gravity will effect a person's bones or muscles. They will become used to the low gravity and when returning to earth may have bone or muscle problems

Another threat includes meteorites. Small rocks crashing through the moon's tiny atmosphere. These can crash into the colonies causing holes for deadly space to shoot in. This would make the people inside the colonies implode. Unless airlocks are in use then the could trap the "space air" in that section, but they'd have to be quick.

This is an exaggeration

the end.

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