Castle in the sky Little men

“…Mrs. Jo sat smiling over her book as she built castles in the air, just as she used to do when a girl, only then they were for herself, and now they were for other people, which is the reason perhaps that some of them came to pass in reality — for charity is an excellent foundation to build anything upon.”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Men

Start by doodling a few clouds. I like to add little swirls to the ends.

To give your clouds interest, change the direction of your swirls. Have fun, there's no wrong way to draw a cloud! :)

Add texture by deepening the bottom lines of your clouds. It also looks neat to retrace your outer lines a few times.

Time to add lines. Start with a few major movements that span most of the page.
From there get creative! Is the wind rushing down, up, around?

Time to add gold to the castle.

You DID it!

We can't wait to see how your stationary turned out.


Created with images by 3dman_eu - "clouds sky dark clouds"

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