ABC's of Culture Diego Boatwright

Art & Literature

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling is very popular.


The Capitol building is the home of the legislative branch of government, the Congress.
The Empire State Building is a 102-story high skyscraper in New York.

Communication & Transportation

Most people use cars to get around from place to place.
When people need to go far distances, they usually use airplanes.
Most people use social media and text messages to communicate with other people in the world.


Most styles vary, but things like trench coats are oftenly seen in places with colder climates.
Denim jackets are very popular right now.


Economy is the consumption of money, materials, etc.
Trade gives us materials which helps our economy.


Women and children are still considered less powerful then men.
Women and children are treated differently than men by a decent population of people.


Our government has three branches.
The Legislative, Judicial, and Executive are the three branches of government.


On September 11, 2001, an airplane attacked the twin towers in New York. Other reports of different attacks also occurred that day.
ISIS is a group of people who have been threatening and killing people in various places of the world.


When most people see the Starbucks icon, they instantly want coffee.
The Apple icon reminds people of electronic devices, and everyone wants those.


Some people make money with summer jobs like being a lifeguard or pool attendant.
Office jobs are pretty common in movies.


Common sense is always referred to as something to keep when we don't remember necessary thinking.
We're taught discipline and good behavior.


People speak English.
People also speak German, Spanish, French, Latin, etc.

Movement & Migration

People from South America migrate to the US for a better life.
Immigration is starting to be a large controversy in the US.

National Pride

People in the US show their national pride through the American Flag.
All nations take pride in themselves.


The Thirst Project provides water for in-need areas.
Humane Societies rescue animals, keep them, give them homes, etc.


Population is effected by many different things.
The population is made up of so many different people from so many different places of the world.

Quality of Life

Average health is decent, but smoking and alcohol are very common.
As you can see, average happiness in these places decrease as your age increases.


The most common religion is Christianity. The religion has certain holidays that are celebrated.
Christmas is celebrated with presents, cold weather, and family.
Easter is celebrated with pastel colors, sweets, and games for the kids.


There are a lot of different people in this world and we come from all sorts of places.
Some people judge other races because they're "different."


People aren't supposed to do public display of affection.
Also, people aren't supposed to curse in public places.

Urban or Rural

Less people live in rural areas.
Urban areas have more connection, people, and opportunities.

Vacation & Recreation

People enjoy working out and jogging as a hobby for free time.
People love to watch TV shows and stream entertainment from apps like Netflix.

Ways of Everyday Life

People do the laundry for clean clothes.
People also do the dishes for clean dishes.

X marks the Spot

Mexicans have their different type of culture that includes candy that is very spicy.
Tokyo has bright lights and stores with all sorts of things from their culture.


Typical breakfast eggs, bacon, and toast.
Acai bowls are very popular.


Typically, people love to wear sports brands.
Fast food is very popular for Americans.

Americans seem to follow trends and traditions. It represents their lifestyle.

Our culture is based upon the popular beliefs and ideas.

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