Ludwig van Beethoven A composer's story

Painting of Beethoven writing his music.

Ludwig van Beethoven was an amazing composer in the late 1700s to early 1800s composing 9 symphonies in his lifetime. Beethoven was only a small child when his father introduced him to music. In the time in between the birth of his two little brothers, his father introduced him to music. Beethoven’s First Symphony was composed in the year 1799-1800 and was released later that year in 1800. In the next few years Beethoven created his 2nd Symphony in the years 1801-1802. At the time he was creating his 2nd symphony, his deafness had become worse and he realized that it might not treatable at the age of 26.

Beethoven's 1st Symphony

Beethoven's 2nd Symphony

Beethoven’s father, Johann van Beethoven, was the only person in his family that wanted him to continue in music. Johann being a court singer wanted to give his talent to his son. The funny part about this is that Johann wanted Beethoven to become a musical prodigy like the classical musician Mozart at the age of six years old. Johann had set a musical recital for him on March 26 of 1778 as Johann announced to the crowd that Beethoven was only a child of six years old. At the time Beethoven’s true age was seven years old instead of six like his father proposed. For being a child of only seven years, Beethoven played beautifully, evidently not getting any press on his performance at his recital. When Beethoven practiced on his instruments, his father would lock him in their cellar and beat him if he hesitated or made a mistake whilst practicing. While in the cellar, he practiced for hours on his violin and his clavier.

Painting of Beethoven as a child.

Beethoven and his nine symphonies with be the thing he is most famous for in his life. Beethoven's most famous symphonies are his 5th symphony,and his 9th symphony. You might not have realized but Beethoven had some struggles in his life while creating music. While he was a kid, his parents would fight over his father's drinking problems. At times his father’s drinking got so serious, that he had to steal money from his father, to prevent him from buying alcohol. When Beethoven started to play the piano, and to learn music, his mother died from an illness. Also, by the time that Beethoven was creating his second symphony, he began to go deaf at the age of 26 years old. As he was becoming deaf, he went into a horrible depression and even considered killing himself. Ultimately, he got rid of his depression because of his love for music. Beethoven overcame struggles and death, he learned to play music from his father, and he made these wonderful symphonies for us to hear long after he was gone.

Beethovens 5th Symphony

Beethoven's 9th Symphony

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