The Non-Forgiving Fred. By: Noah sarji

Have you ever known somebody that hated you? Well, there was this one person who despised me. In fact, he wants to kill me to this day. I'm not able to say his name, but i'll just call him Fred. This takes place in North Cumberland Middle School.

This all started long ago, in 6th grade. The event that began this is blurry to me but I remember it involved the throwing of a water bottle. Fred didn't know me, and I don't remember much, but I remember him getting up and he was chasing me. He was angry for some reason and wanted to attack. Luckily, the principal was their to stop this nonsense.

Then, in the middle of 7th grade, I was going to move lunch tables with some of my friends. I regret ever doing this and I wish I could take it back, because when I moved tables, things went bad quickly. I sat at the new table, there was Me, some of my friends, and a bunch of so called “troublemakers”. Sitting there got me in trouble because most of the people at that table were very loud and disruptive. Also, Fred was sitting there, and luckily he did not remember what happened in 6th grade when he attempted to attack me and all, so we were good.

One day, he was in a bad mood and I started to joke around with him, but he did not appreciate that. Instead of telling me to stop, Fred tased me in the side. If you do not know what tased means, it is when you point your index and middle fingers out and drive those fingers into someone's side. It feels as if you are actually being tased by a taser, and i'll tell you, it hurts. When he did that, I retaliated, and did it right back to him. We got into a little fight, but nowhere under the belt. We sort of did that every day, nothing out of hand, but after that whenever he saw me, he looked at me as if I had just killed someone. And that begins 8th grade.

Once I realized how stupid I was for switching tables last year I went back to my original table. I had some classes with Fred this year and he was not happy. In class I saw him and he told me to leave him alone, and he tased me and pushed me. I tased him back and thing just got chaotic after that. Sometimes Fred just shoves me in the hall, and sometimes I ignore it, and other times I push him back. He likes to flip his pencil in health class, and sometimes I yell out, “Fred, no flipping your pencil!”. He gets mad and says he is going to murder me.

Until one day in art, some kid told me to throw a paper towel at Fred. I knew I shouldn't do that, but the kid said he would give me two pieces of gum, so I went ahead and did it. That was it for Fred. He looked at me and got up. Fred threw the paper towel back, walked over, and punched me in the chest. His hand was big, and when he did that I felt my insides violently jolt. It hurt pretty bad, but I couldn't fight back, I mean I did start it. I'm not a violent person, and I don't get in fights, so I just sat down and recovered.

Now, whenever I walk in the hallway he always glances at me angrily. Even though Fred pushes me, I figured that I should forgive him, I mean, me and him always were fighting for some reason. I was ready to tell Fred I forgive him. I walked over and said, “Fred I'm seriously sorry for all that I've done and I hope you can put all this nonsense behind us and forgive me.” After all this I suppose he would realize how utterly stupid this was, and accept my offer. Fred told me to kill myself. Throughout this, I learned that even if you finally forgave someone for prior actions, they might not forgive you back.

The End

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