The house on Hickory street By: Sebastian Hurtado

MY name

My name, is a Latin, German, and french baby name. Sebastian is a name used to originally used to address people such as saying “A man from Sebastia” a city in Pontus named from Greek sebastos. Saint Sebastian was a roman solider that was killed because he was discovered to be Christian. Sebastian was also used as a name for Greek emperors.

The name was thought of from my dad. My dad as a kid, used to watch a tv show all the time. His favorite character in the show was named sebastian, and he used to always want to be named sebastian. When picking my name my dad remembered the show and decided to name me that.

At school, most people say the name as SEB-ASH-TON which is how my parents use it too, but it is suppose to be pronounced SEB-AS-TÍAN. On the football team i am also called “Seabass” a nickname that was given to a hall of fame football player who played for the raiders.

If i had the chance to re-name myself i don't know if i for sure would. I am very happy with the name i have. It is it basic and sounds good to me. Although, i would like to have the name Tyler. The meaning has to be the most boring thing ever, but he was a player for the Seahawks that was drafted in the 3rd round was projected to not even be good but proved everyone wrong, being a top 3 rookie in 2015.

Middle school

"Where's G204???"

The first day of middle school. Shy. Quite, and very timid. I always read books as a kid, saying how scary middle school was. I walked in the door going with some friends from elementary.

I received my schedule only to find, i had no classes with my friends. From that moment on i realized i was in for a rough ride. Walking through the halls i knew no one.

"wheres G204" i asked. As my schedule had that room was first period. When i got there i was nervous. I had to sit in the front with Logan, Caleb, and Conner. I was stuck without a clue, sitting hopeless knowing i'd mess up and look bad.

The rest of class went almost the same every other class did for a week. Introducing names and saying stuff about ourselves. Knowingly, i kept quite and stayed this way for a couple months, and kept every little thought to myself.

I soon met two great friends who i still remain friends with, to this day. I learned to talk more and to stop worrying about messing up. These two friends drove me through my middle school life and whom i am still close with to this day, Sam and Hunter.


"Green, green. GO!"

I knew what was next would send a chill down my body. I was about to get the hand off.

This was 7th grade, and the first game of the season. This was only my second year playing football and i was more nervous than ever before. I was suppose to be a back up, but when they finally put me in for a run play, i knew i had to stand out.

What happened next changed my life. I got the hand off and got some good blocking and got a 60 yard touchdown! From that point on i started on B for the next 3 games getting a touchdown all 3. Due to the success i had on B team and the lack of running back performance on A, i got moved up.

This summer i attended the APEC which is a workout camp in Tyler, Texas. I also attended a Under Armour football camp, and quarter back ranch this summer. Although i gained almost 20 pounds and lost alot of speed, and therefor got moved down to B team to play QB the last two games of the season.

Football has had its ups and downs. This summer i hope to stay in shape, and attend the LSU football camp to get better at football. Although it is something i probably wont have a future in. It's one of the only things that interest me and i like coming together with my friends as a team.


I think the vignettes i wrote reflect me because its my own. I have my own voice in the vignettes, and express my opinion. I wrote what i fell was most important in my life. My name is what i was born with, and what i am stuck with for the rest of my life. School is a part of every kids life. Although, middle school really changed me, and made me stop being timid. I expressed myself more and talked more. Football i also something i believe is a big part of me. I watch almost every game, always having ESPN, NFL network and Good morning football. I believe football is a big part of me and my life. "The coming of age". I think this means how did you mature. I believe I matured because i grew to think of myself as an actual person, and not someone who just keeps quite.

I don't really think i connected to Esperanza because i act a lot before i speak, and i am not quite like she is. She is very sensitive, she moves a lot, and has a really big family. My family is sorta big, 5 people, I've moved once, and i'm not as sensitive. Although, i did enjoy the book. I liked the vocabulary she used and how she showed her emotion, and how she just made everything sound so emotional and made it flow together. I liked how the book has the little short stories, to change the subject and add more interest to the book. I also liked reading how she dealt with the problems. I also enjoyed reading because it had some action parts, where they where getting chased,and running. Overall the book was really interesting to me.

Future House


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