DTC #56: A Healthy Bag of Tricks THE TIME HAS COME to feed the mind, body, & soul in mid-City.





Feed Your Mind: Spin the wheel at this local dispensary and grab a treat for the road.

Feed Your Body: Steam, Sauna, Cold Plunge and Repeat at a Russian banya filled with regulars.

Feed Your Soul: Regain your strength while chomping on soulful tacos at a historic neighborhood spot.

Sky’s, named after owner Barbara “Sky” Burrell, is rounding its 26th year. Before opening the beloved soul taco joint she was an executive at McDonalds.
Stop 1

Feed the Mind: A Little Lovin’

• 5pm til you've spun the wheel •

The massive building of the La Brea Collective stands out like a Rastafarian beacon on Pico Blvd screaming your name...

Keys to the Stop

  • This dispensary is cash only. An ATM as at the front but if you got it, bring it.
  • Happy Hour runs every day from 4-6pm and they offer you $39 eights.
  • If you're new they let you spin the deal wheel. We scored a $1 joint. You're up next!
  • Walking to your next stop is ~5 min. It’s the perfect time to fit in that $1 treat ;)
Stop 2

Feed the Body: Saunas and Cold Plunges

• after the dispensary •

It's easy to conjure up fantastical Russian bath house movie scenes as you walk into the lobby of City Spa...

Keys to the Stop

  • You may, but you shouldn’t, feel intimidated heading into this spa. It’s on the older side and unlike most Korean spa’s so loved in L.A.
  • Feeling a little costs conscientious? Monday’s are $35 entry vs. $50 on other days.
  • The spa is usually men only, Co-Ed days are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday nights. Sorry for the inconvenience ladies.
  • You can have your own venik (bundle of oak branches) for $25. How It's Done: Lie on the top shelf of the sauna and have your friend lightly slap your back and legs, then immediately jump in the cold plunge.
Stop 3

Feed the Soul: Sassy SoulFood Tacos

• after the banya •

The cool night air pleasantly hits your steamed skin along the minute walk to Sky’s Gourmet Taco’s...

Keys to the Stop

  • Sky’s 27th year in business starts on March 5th. It’s original location is a few blocks west. You can still see the classic “Good, Better, Best” painted on the outside wall.
  • The hardcore item to order is the open face lobster burrito. However, you can get away with the poorman’s version: the shrimp taco. I grabbed a carnitas burrito, its delicious and not too massive. Make sure you try the sassy sauce.
  • You’ll be ordering at the counter to the left of the door when you step into the diner. You can sit outside but if you enjoy watching your food being cooked, the counter on the door side is your jam.


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