My Purpose Aundraya

My family represents my purpose. Just like Enzo's life revolved around his family in "The Art of Racing in the Rain." I do not believe that 16 and 17 year olds can truly find their purpose for life. The future can change. But I know what my purpose is for today and tomorrow.

My family keeps me safe and supports me just as Debby keeps Enzo safe just as he keeps Denny safe. My mom is my rock. She gives me someone to talk to and relate with. My dad is the stronghold. He keeps my mom and I safe as well as my entire family. My Great Grandma represents our history. Without her none of us would be here and my purpose would be a lifeless void.

My boyfriend is part of my family. He combines everything. He is my rock and my stronghold. He gives me someone to vent to as well as protects me from the dangers of the world.

Enzo protects his family by putting them first. He is the rock and the stronghold. He is there when he is needed.

In conclusion the purpose of life is your family. They always put you first. So that is my purpose of life. Put everyone first like they are your family. Because without your family you would have nobody. Not even yourself.

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