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"If you have ever wondered what it’s like to go on one of Marks workshops… let me tell you, it is a fantastic adventure, and one you will never forget!!!" - Candace Watson
Logging over 200 tips to White Pocket in the last 13 years, I'm excited to lead a select few into White Pocket, Vermilion Cliffs AZ
My workshops are designed to give you access to the most amazing locations with the best atmosphere and for me to provide expert instruction on and off shooting times enabling you to have the adventure of a lifetime all while increasing your photography skills and producing incredible images! - Mark Metternich

Image: Six Mile Pink © Mark Metternich Photography, LLC.

One of my favorite spots to take my clients on my Ultimate Southwest Photography Workshops.

This rare bend is in a super secret location. Many clients have said that this is one of the very best most beautiful locales they've ever seen and photographed.

Come and chase this wild light with me!
"I recently had the opportunity to tour Oregon with Mark ...that week brought my work to a whole new level. Not only did I learn a lot of technical skills, but I gained confidence in my shooting... He works hard at perfecting his craft and helping his students to do the same. I can't recommend his tours more. He did a great job of getting me to the right place at the right time. I added some fantastic shots to my portfolio on my tour, and my skills have increased greatly because of it." - Raymond Klassen
There is nothing like the Great Southwest at its peak photographic season. The "Ultimate Southwest & White Pocket Workshops" are full of adventure, living on the edge and sure to produce some of the most epic of images of your life!

These workshops will be centered around capitalizing on the highest precipitation time of the year. This means the highest potential for dramatic clouds, rainbows, lightning and infamous SW light! As is usual, our base location will be Page, Arizona to start the tour but we will be going to a wide array of locations matching great light with extraordinary and original desert landscape scenery!

Whether we get wild weather, thunderheads, rainbows, lightning or even simple blue sky days all situations are easily capitalized on in the SW. In-case we get a couple blue sky days, slot canyons are their very best at that time and these entire tours are built around the New Moon for Epic Night Photography! We may also go see one or two lesser seen gooseneck bends if the weather cooperates and the group is up for some real off-roading!

During "The Ultimate Southwest & White Pocket Workshops" we go into unique territory, locations many have never seen nor will ever be able to get to because of their remoteness. Because I lived literally out in this beautiful desert for years, I've been able to scout the uncharted and have made connections with locals to enable us to capture its magnificent beauty with the respect and specific skills needed to make this workshop experience one you will never forget.

Clients enjoying crazy double rainbow after we get explosive light with lightening and rainbows over a very rarely photographed canyon.
"I’ve had the opportunity to join Mark on both a group (Patagonia), 2 private (Southwest) workshops and The Ultimate Southwest Workshop. If your goal is to stretch beyond your comfort zone, to see (and photograph) locations that are a bit out of the ordinary or if you just want to become a better photographer – I can’t recommend Mark any higher! His passion and dedication to his “job” has no limit – and makes the entire experience thoroughly enjoyable. Mark has the ability to provide whatever level of assistance you need – without being overbearing or condescending. A truly great time which has me looking at the calendar to book another adventure!" - Todd Miller

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*SOLD OUT*August 12-16, 2019 $2049

*SOLD OUT* August 26-30, 2019 $2049

August 17-21, 2020 $2,249

$1000 Deposit Required To Reserve Your Space

*Once you click to reserve your space you will contact you directly for payment and to answer any questions you may have prior to signing up for the workshop. After payment is received we will send you a more detailed itinerary, supply list, lodging details etc.


  • 7 Spots Available Per Workshop
  • Minimum deposit to hold your spot is $1000. Remaining balance due 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.
  • *Includes 1 Free Bonus Day of Post Processing Instruction
  • Nonlinear itinerary ranging from Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. We Chase the light! We go where the opportunity for dramatic light and atmosphere leads best determined by my careful constant expert study of the weather during the workshop.
  • Page, AZ is the starting point where we will meet up the day before the workshop begins.
  • If flying into the workshop, the recommended closest airports are Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)miles; Las Vegas, NV (LAS), Phoenix, AZ (PHX).
  • Locations range from forests of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon into desert plains and canyons across Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada.
  • WHITE POCKET Vermillion Cliffs confirmed! We will provide transport in this area of the workshop for the backcountry.
  • Workshop is 5 days 4 nights. We meet up the night before the workshop begins usually at a restaurant to "break the ice" and get to know each other and discuss possible plans of locations depending on weather research, desires of each client for workshop, discussion of any additional supplies we will need to pick up before workshop begins at sunrise.
  • Shooting will be sunrise and sunset (with the exception of the post processing instructional day) during the workshop dates to account for the most dramatic light with possible opportunities in between during travels to each new location.
  • We will usually be able to eat at a restaurant for breakfast(s)/lunch(s) after shooting sunrise and some dinners. Other meals will be eaten on the road and we will pick up a cooler and non-perishables on the road.
  • For possible private workshops around those dates please email me at MARK@MARKMETTERNICH.COM


  • Most levels of physical ability will be able to do this workshop
  • Physical Activity Expected: hiking 2-4 miles with camera gear (in a day).
  • Fear of heights, acceptable but must discuss this through email or over the phone before booking.

Lodging and Transportation

  • Clients will be expected to either rent a vehicle during the duration of the workshop or drive their own (not included in cost of workshop). We can recommend reliable companies we've used with great success on past workshops. This vehicle must have fold flat seats to enable "car-camping" as we most evenings sleep out in the field. If interested in renting a vehicle with someone attending the workshop (shared rental) this may be an option and we can assist in coordinating.
  • Car-camping in the field will be the main source of lodging but as applicable we can book private/shared rooms. We will advise as needed which hotels are available. (Hotel stays are not included in the price of the workshop)
  • An extra rigorous 4 Wheel Drive vehicle will be supplied to this tour (included in cost) for carpooling into some special locations. With my vehicle and this additional one, everyone will be able to get to the locations. If clients bring their own rigorous 4 wheel drive with great off road tires, they will be able to drive their own rigs if they feel comfortable doing so.
  • During Post Processing/Training Instruction day we will secure a large B&B or hotel private/shared rooms. If we are able to book a B&B the cost should not exceed approximately $125/nightly and will confirm these details considering your preferences after you have paid your deposit. If we decide/you wish to book a hotel for this time we will have you book directly with them.

Instruction Included

  • Post Processing: As a 14 year leading educator in post processing (Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop) one EXTRA full day will be set aside for extensive post processing training, in a pleasant hotel or B&B. All attendees will have the option of developing their specific skill sets much further, and no topic will be avoided. The general curriculum will be based on each person in the group’s specific educational goals.
  • Hands On Instruction: From the moment we meet up we will be connecting regarding every aspect of landscape photography, from composition to technical specific of post processing. I will be available for one-on-one instruction (as much or as little as requested) in the field for camera settings to composition etc. and after shooting in depth discussion with all of your questions answered.
"... In the field, Mark’s passion makes his photo tours a once in a lifetime experience! Mark is passionate, focused but very personable... He does not hesitate to chase down weather systems, check tide tables, moon phases, and every other bit of information to maximize the opportunity to come away with great images. First and foremost – Mark concerns himself with making sure his students understand the process – in terms of approach, composition, etc. He teaches on the fly and gives you as much information as you can handle. It is an awesome experience, to say the least – and well worth it for anyone who truly wants to improve." -Robert L Greeson
Image: Red Rain Falling © Mark Metternich Photography, LLC.
"...You are an incredibly talented nature photographer who is fully committed to serving your client both in the field & with outstanding post processing tutoring. My goals were to bring my capture & post processing skills to the next level & have a lot of fun along the way. You fulfilled those goals beyond my wildest expectations! I cannot thank you enough for the best week I've ever had doing & learning landscape photography." - Carl Zanoni
Me just hanging out doing what I do. Oregon.

All Images Cannot Be Reproduced, Downloaded or Used Without Expressed Consent From Mark Metternich Photography, LLC.


*All deposits are non refundable. In Cases of emergency, at the discretion of Mark Metternich, funds may possibly be allowed to be applied to other services provided or another workshop.

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