Non-Fiction By:NaTasha clark

Opinions are not allowed in Non-fiction

The first thing about non-fiction is that your opinion is not needed. Opinions are not always true.

Non-fiction is based on History

Non-fiction is based on history or what happened a couple days ago. Be careful though you can't always believe what you hear online or what you read in books.

Dates and times where used a lot

Non-fiction is filled with a lot of dates and times, for example September 11,2001

Always true

One thing about Non-fiction it is ALWAYS true NEVER false. Sometimes people will tell you things and you have to process it to see if its true.

Text features

Non-Fiction has many text features. Non fiction has Headings, captions,dates,table of contents,photos, and captions.

Famous people

When some people think of what nonfiction is they think of famous people of the past, for example Albert Einstein.


You might think of tools for inventions that were made in the past or a light bulb for ideas they had.

Non fiction is everywhere

Non-fiction is world wide. It's on the news in magazines even in the books you read at school or home.

Reliable narrator

Non-Fiction is written by reliable narrator's. A reliable narrator is a narrator that can be trusted and always reports dependable facts about the situation.

Non-fiction always has a purpose

Non-fiction always has a purpose for why it is written or talked about. Most of the time the purpose is to inform others about what is going out in the world or what has happened in the past.

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