Why settle here? The Indus River valley, were survival is guaranteed.

Welcome to the Indus River, were we have only the richest soil and the freshest water. We are located in the Himalayan mountains, we have a lush green land full of vibrant colors. Around us is the mountains, a desert, and an ocean. To the east we have a forests to provide wood and a swamp for plants and roots. We have all the supplies you need to survive and thrive. Let's learn about them!

Here we have yearly floods and since the water is filled with silt, the dirt it touches will become rich and overflowing with the best fertilizer there is, silt. Because of this it is very easy to grow crops. Building off of that, you could also dig irrigation trenches to supply water for your community and your crops.

The weather here is fairly nice we get 5-10 inches of rain a year and we have lots of clean water from our river, so no would should die of thirst here.

We also have amazing views, here the water sparkles and sun shines. The bright green of the plants is eyecatching. Wake up early in the morning and you will be able to see the sunrise.

We are often compared to the Nile River. Although that is nice, let me tell you why the Indus River valley is better. We are not very crowded, but that is only because we do not have pyramids taking valuable space. We also have a wide variety of animals. We have fish to hunt, Water buffalo for milk or meat, and a rare species of river dolphin.

So all in all this is why we are a great place to farm, hunt, and most importantly settle.

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