Romans vs Britain From youR emperor claudius

I’m claudius

Dear Citizens

Hello this is Claudius I need to tell you something important. Our army has gone to invade Britain. Hopefully our army succeeds on the task and comes back safely.

The celts roar like fierce lions. I really hope that the Celts don’t hurt any of them to much bleeding in the brain but anyway that defeats the point of the battle. The Celts are just farmers so I don’t think they will win because our army has been trained.
The rich loved there gold jewellery.

We are ready

We are going to take over britain to get more land and we need more goods.

Silver is the new pearl.

What can they offer us?

It’s raining coins
Corn is edible but coins aren’t so when you get hungry you can have some corn but you still can have food because you can buy the food just in case you don’t have any corn so you won’t starve and die.
We need this land now: our lives depend on it!
We look and sound like thunder!
We love berries but also they taste sour so we don’t really have a lot because we like strawberry and lots of other sorts.
Some coins are made out of copper.
Iron is so important to make chains and other stuff like that.


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