Coach v's cottage By: Noa Bar Oz

In the beginning I got the limits from Coach V’s for his dream cottage ( less than 100 square M one floor and it had to contain: a living room, a kitchen, bathroom, guest bedroom and master bedroom.)

So my blueprint is :

birds point of view
top with roof
diagonal left
My blue prints for the cottage
calculation of Painting the cottage
calculation of Putting a roof/shingles on the cottage
calculation of Determining the heating bill during the winter months (December to February).

The total they have to pay is 2,296 euros

The total of the area of the floor and the roof is 99 M (11*9)

The hight of the walls is 3 M

They have 10 windows and 1 door (each window is 1.5*1 = 1.5 squire M and the door is 2*1= 2 squire M)

The total area of the external walls is 103 square M (11*3*2+9*3*2=120 - 1.5*10 -2 = 103)

Each paint can can cover 40 squire M

Each paint can cost 20 euros so they have to pay 60 euros.(103/40M square = 2.575, we can buy only pull cans, so we need 3 cans)

So they need 3 cans of paint to cover the external walls.

For the roof: each bound can cover 10 meter and they have 99 square meter so they need 10 bundle.

They have to pay 900 Euros (10*9)

The volume of the house is 297 cubic M (11*9*3 )

Each cubic meter cost 1.50 euros per month so each month they have to pay 445.5 euros for heating. (1.5 * 297 = 445.5 ), For 3 months they need to pay 1336.5 euros (445.5 *3 )

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