Top 10 Miya Rodriguez

Meaning: In this video you'll see a man analogizing dance an science. Through dance they portray the ways of science. Thinking deeper, this video shows a man describing a creative alternative to learning. We all know that there is more than 1 way to learn but I have never thought of dance to be one. This just sparks my mind and makes me imagine all the possibilities you can innovate through creativity.

Meaning: In this building I joined with my group after collaborating to invent a child's learning tool that we can create in the FabLab. Not only was it an amazing experience to use a lazier cuter and see a 3-D printer at work but it was also an eye opening experience. I realized that I'm a better independent learner and everyone has different paces.

Meaning:We took a picture of an object in the classroom from a new angle. Then we were asked to take a picture that matched this pattern and resembled the first picture but in nature. It was fun. A good break that also taught perspective. If you think deeply you'll see that when you look at things in a new way you can receive the perfect outcome.

Meaning: I LOVE this video. To some it may be boring but it took only 1 thing to grab my attention and also my respect. This company takes people from all majors with all types of degrees and areas of expertise and gathers them together to innovate a new useful product. You would think that a specific job requires a specific degree but in reality all these different insights are greater than just 1.

Meaning: The last 10 days of the 30-Days of creativity I decided to do a 6word memoir each day depending how my day was. I started off doing this just because it was easy. The last day I realized it wasn't creative enough. I also realized I loved being creative. So last minute I put them all together and tried to turn it into a story. It turned out to be self meaningful and not so bad of a story.

Meaning: While learning abstract in class we tried drawing the Picasso way. It was fun and new to draw this way but like other projects it taught me that; 1. There's many different ways to complete a goal. 2. When you look at things from a different perspective it can still get the job done and 3. There's many different forms of creativity.

Meaning: this is a smart video. Very simply put it's smart. Simon used a company well known and well like which grabbed the readers attention he also pointed out that the reason you do something should have a sold meaning and helpful/realistic goal. This video will forever be carried with me when I do projects or create things at work or school.

Meaning: when you go on about your day you don't pay attention. You stick to a routine and ignore anything by on your schedule. You don't learn much that's not an assignment, even the obvious. I missed the assignment to watch people's health and wellness but after discussing it in class I realized that everyday I see wrong in health and wellness in our society. After this project I began to stop and look at my surroundings and really think about the world I live in.

Meaning: At the beginning of this semester we got with one person in class and described a child learning tool we played with, well, as a child. My partner told me play doh and at first I didn't get how play doh could help one learn. Until we were forced to see beyond the surface. I was astonished when I discovered that play doh helped with hand therapy, shapes, colors and discipline.

Meaning: Finally, days 11-20 I drew this picture as something that reminded me of home. As a first year I was fed to stay on campus, IA forced me stay at Beaty Towers. Here I found some of the best people I could meet in Gainesville. I have created some of my best work and exercised my mind to innovate beyond what I ever have. Here I made a place I could called home.

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