The veggie good gardeners

With ouR food wE could make some soups with the garliC, lettus and peas. And we Could top off some ice cream wIth the strw berries.

We will be Growing


They Take 4-6 weeks to grow.wE need a sunny spot to plant the Peas.


They take 6-8 weeks for to grow.need a sunny spot to groW.


They take 45-55 days to grow. Lettus doesn't need a long tIme to grow BUT needs lots of sunshinE.


They take 4-6 weekS

There are different shapes of strawberry!!!

ThatS what we are growing in winter how about yoU? Foran idea on what to grow go To the website below.

This video Will Give you some tips and tricks on how tO grow some plants.

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