Science Fair project Featuring: andrew.m, zoe.s, keelan.s and josh.h.

In our project we will be seeing what brand of 2 ply toilet paper is stronger.

The brand we will be using are: Angel Soft, Kirkland, Quilted Northern and Charmin.



Two chairs

Scotch tape


Two Pencils

Glue Stick

A Hot Wheels toy car

A Rock

A small piece of driftwood

A toilet paper tube

A small chapter book

A quarter


1.Collect one roll of each brand of toilet paper: Charmin, Angel Soft Kirkland, and Quilted Northern.

2.Gather the rest of the materials: Scotch tape, two chairs that are the same size, a stick, a toy car, a scale, a piece of paper, two pencils, a toilet paper tube, a small chapter book, a rock, a glue stick, and a dollar coin.

2.Put the two chairs across from each other, facing in.

3.Take the first brand of toilet paper and tear off a strip a couple squares wide. Tape one side to the edge of the seat on one of the chairs and the other side to the edge of the seat on the other chair.

4.Weigh each item on the scale and record it’s weight in a chart.

5.Place each item on the part of the strip of toilet paper that hangs in the air. Record if it breaks the toilet paper strip on the chart.

6.If it breaks the toilet paper strip, then replace it with the same size and same brand.

7.Repeat steps 4 - 7 until you have gone through all the brands and all the items.



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