Phosphorus Brenden Douglas

vtiamin - any group of organic compounds that are essential for the normal growth and nutrition.

mineral- soild inorganic substance or natural occurence.

Phosphorus is a vitamin- a water soluble vitamin can be easily be absorbed into the body.- a fat soluble need bile acids to help absorb them.

what phosphorus does for you is, helps form teeth, bones, and helps filter waste through the kidneys- some foods that are rich of phosphorus are fruits, meat, fish, and dairy products. phosphorus is needed for the creation of DNA and RNA.

if you use to much phosphorus its bad because your body doesnt use all of it and stores it as fat in your body. It can also lead to cardiovascular disease.

daily intake: adults(19-older)-700mg. children(9-18)-1250mg. children(4-8)-500mg



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