Dreams & aspirations Final project

Universal theme: "if you set your mind to a dream , work hard and achieve it"

Of mice and men

You got it by heart. You can do it yourself." "No, you. I forget some a' the things. Tell about how it's gonna be." "O.K. Someday - were gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs and-" "An' live off the fatta the lan'," Lennie shouted."

This evidence states my claim because George and Lennie dreams about raising cows and having pigs. Lennie tend the rabbits and George who takes care of everything else. As George continues on with his story's about the future to Lennie , soon Lennie wants to have pups also.

"It wasn't nothing," Slim repeated. " Say, you sure was right about him. Maybe he ain't bright, but I never seen such a worker. He damn near killed his partner buckin' barley. There ain't nobody he can keep up with him. God awmight I never seen such a strong guy."

Getting a job wasn't as easy as they thought in the beginning. George claims that Lennie is his cousin, so they could get the money. The money will be used for buy a cathouse and tending rabbits but at least they know what they want in the future.

The scarlet ibis

"Oh, you can walk." I took him by the arms and stood him up. He collapsed on to the grass like a half-empty flour sack. It was as if his little legs had no bones. "Don't hurt me, Brother." "Shut up. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to teach you to walk." I heaved him up again, and he collapsed. "I just can't do it." "Oh, yes, you can, Doodle. All you got to do is try. Now come on," and I hauled him up once more. It seemed so hopeless that it's a miracle I didn't give up. But all of us

doodles brother believed that doodle was able to walk again . he wanted to see his brother take his first steps for the first time. he didn't give up but that's because he believed in doodle. if doodles older brother gave up on doodle both of them would be crushed , so that's why they want to accomplish it.

We decided not to tell anyone until he was actually walking. At breakfast on our chosen day I brought Doodle to the door in the cart. I helped Doodle up; and when he was standing alone, I let them look. There wasn't a sound as Doodle walked slowly across the room and sat down at the table. Then Mama began to cry and ran over to him, hugging him and kissing him. Daddy hugged him, too. Doodle told them it was I who had taught him to walk, so they wanted to hug me, and I began to cry.

when no one else believed in doodle his brother was there for him. though he couldn't stand up all the way his brother was still there for him. doodle wasn't as strong as his brother or parents but he tried to be , but that's only because he believed in himself. doodles older brother dream became true.


Rachel Berry dream was to be famous and be on Broadway . her ideal idol was Barbra Streisand. Barbra was on Broadway herself causing Rachel to follow the dreams she had . When she entered NYADA she went on Broadway and stared in "Funny Girl " , years later she found herself married and won a Grammy award .

a dream for the glee club was to be national champions . in the first few beginning of the season during there first national champion they lost. their dreams were crushed but they didn't give up. they knew they had next year so when next year came by they won national championships. only because they knew they had a great teacher who knew what was best for the kids.

So what? Impact

Miracles can be a dream come true. When you have that dream you just want it to happen. All you have to do is try nobody is going to stop you from what your doing. Chase your dreams because at the end there's always something special. Dreams are something that you want to complete and achieve. I have some dreams that I want to do in the future, like have a nice house with a nice car. Go places with a special person.

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