Dilma Rousseff By: Katelyn Sauder

http://www.pt.org.br/dilma-rousseff (Cover Picture)

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Dilma Rousseff was the President of Brazil from 2011 to 2014. She accomplished a lot during her presidency. She focused on economic stability, poverty eradication, political reform, tax reform and job creation during her first term. She managed to accomplish the majority of this. She was also the first female president in Brazil. This was extremely important to her country. This showed Brazil that women were capable of being the leader of a country.

8 Themes

Dilma Rousseff was very influential in Brazil. The first theme I chose that represents Dilma is "Power and Authority". She demonstrates this theme because she was the President of Brazil. She was also in charge of many different things throughout Brazil. She was the minister of mines and energy and was on the chair of the state-run oil concern, Petrobras. Dilma Rousseff had a lot of power and authority in Brazil, so this is why one of the themes that best describes her is "power and authority."

Another theme that I chose for Dilma Rousseff is "revolution." This describes her because she was the first female president in Brazil. Dilma changed the perspective that females could not lead. She showed the females could be good leaders for an entire country. She started Brazil on the right foot with them being more accepting of females and what they are allowed to do. This is why the theme "revolution" describes Dilma Rousseff.



"I hope the fathers and mothers of little girls will look at them and say 'yes women can.'" -Dilma Rousseff


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