Newsletter 3 July 2020

From the Desk Of..

Mr Daniel Marsden - Head of Campus, Castle Hill

As the first semester comes to a close (yes we are already half way through the year) it is important to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can aim for in the second semester. You would probably agree with me that we have had our fair share of interruptions and to be able to return to a somewhat normal routine is a blessing. Unfortunately, we have missed some events that are important for our college community and these events are normally linked in with our House points system. I can see this having an impact on the end of year House Shield results.

At school, I was in the House that often did well. Our success did not stem from great athletes or academics but rather students who were willing to participate in anything and everything. These participation points would often give us the edge to take the win over the other seven Houses. This all changed when student numbers increased, and we moved from eight to twelve Houses. Students were moved to a different House and our numbers became less. With less students participating in events we lost our advantage over the other Houses and we were unable to continue earning the most points.

In our second semester, I would like to encourage our students (especially Hunter students) to participate in anything and everything that will earn House points. Not only will participating earn you valuable House points that could make the difference, but it will also give you an opportunity to develop one of our school values. Excellence is not only doing your best in the things you are good at. It is also doing your best in the things you are not that good at. You may not come first in the class or in an event, but if you have done your best it is the most anyone can expect. Everyone at Hills Adventist College has the capability to do their best and participate in anything and everything. The only decision to make is whether or not you take every opportunity available.

Chaplain's Corner

Reflections on Term 2...

Junior School

Though the world has been on rollercoaster, the simplicity and joyfulness of our junior school students has helped to keep us grounded!

From the first online chapel we have had complete buy-in from the junior school, with an average of 250 views (until we came back to school). Chapel has been awesome with the online platform allowing us to film in interesting locations, making the message a lot more engaging and themed. We will be continuing online chapel for the first 2 weeks of term 3, and will transition back into face to face chapel in week 3 providing we are able.

Over on Castle Hill campus we have already been working together with our Year 4 cohort in weekly drama practices, News channel filming, praise team practices, and crew meetings in preparation for Junior School Week of Worship in Week 8, Term 3 (14th-18th September). This year in our week of worship Dare to Believe, we are going to space! In search of the Kingdom of God. We will be hosting Junior week of worship at Castle Hill Campus. Oh, and there will be a wow café just for parents before and after each program!

Middle School

The Middle School is a great group of enthusiastic students who are keen to participate and maximise the fun in their experience at school. We have been blessed by their passion to interact with our online chapel programs and daily devotions. There is an abundance of students waiting to jump on the discussion panel at chapel! The majority of our bible study groups are throughout this age group – often running 4 groups at a time! The level of questions some of these students have brought to the lessons about what evidence there is of God’s existence; what salvation really means; and what the bible says about heaven have made for some interesting discussions!

Next term, we plan to keep adding to our bible studies and get a wide variety of students involved in our chapels and Week of Worship as we return to split and in-person programs!

Senior School

The Senior School is made up of fantastic growing leaders who are learning to take ownership of their own faith and critically think about how their lives can make an impact for good.

It has been a pleasure to invest in the Senior School and watch them mature into influential change-makers! One highlight has been our “girls group” that meets weekly at lunch which has been thriving as we worked through principles of Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” this term.

Next term, we plan to challenge Senior School students to take full responsibility for their faith journeys and step outside their comfort zones as we discover the plan God has for each one of us. Term 3 will be highlighted by our Week of Worship in week 6, with a high level of involvement from the Senior School – the theme Dare to Believe will be shared by our guest speaker Josh Stadnik along with the year 10 drama class and various musical groups and led by our programming team.

- The Chaplaincy Team


School Car Park Reminder

As you pick up and drop off students at school, please respect the 10km/hr speed limit in our school car parks at all times, and be careful as you drive in and around the school, particularly when reversing. We thank you for helping care for our students by your careful driving habits in and around the College.

Lost Property

There is a growing collection of items in the lost property. If your child is missing an item of clothing, a lunchbox, or water bottle etc, please ask them to check in lost property at the office. Unclaimed items without names will be discarded early in Term 3.

2020 Art Competition

A selection of last year's entries

Please click on link below to read more information about the upcoming Art Competition. Students from the Early Learning Centre, right up to Year 12 are welcome to enter. Guidelines for both Infant/Junior students and Middle/Senior Students are included in the link below.


Science Fair 2020

This week we acknowledged our students who participated in our Junior and Middle School Science Fair. It was great to see a variety of science projects and that the students took the opportunity to learn something new while earning valuable House points. Well done!

Kindy Teddy Bear's Picnic

On Friday 19th June, Kindy A and Kindy B had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic at school. This was to complement our reading of My Friend Bear by Jez Alborough. Students brought their favourite bear to school and a treat for their lunchbox. They also brought a rug to share with a friend. Afterwards, we also wrote a recount of the event. In Kindy A, we made bear ears and played Teddy Bear Tip with Pastor Nick who brought his favourite soft toy as well!! We also ate teddy bear biscuits. In Kindy B Pastor Justin dressed as a giant teddy bear. We sang and danced to teddy bear songs and made teddy bear ears, watched a bear movie while eating popcorn and teddy bear biscuits.

Mrs Weslake and Mrs Rudenko

Year 8 Food Technology

Our Year 8 Mandatory Food Technology class created a gourmet menu for their assessment last week. All students prepared and created dishes that were healthy, nutritious and followed the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The dishes included dips and crackers, rice paper rolls, mixed berry custard tarts, mini spinach and ricotta quiches, vegetable wraps and spinach and ricotta triangles with sweet potato wedges. Over the course of our studies students have cooked a variety of dishes and while at home in isolation students sent in pictures of the masterpieces they had created. An awesome job was done by the whole class and they enjoyed eating their creations.

- Mrs Fraser

Year 2 Bible Drama

This semester Year 2 have been learning about the story of Moses, from his birth through to leading the Israelites out of Egypt, receiving the 10 Commandments and building a tabernacle in the desert where they could worship Him. They prepared their own scripts, planned their drama and performed it to the Kindergarten class. We are thankful that God continues to bless us with His presence, protection and providing for our daily needs.

Mufti Day - Fundraising for ADRA

Thank you to all who came in casual clothes with a $2 donation to ADRA for our mufti day this week. Thank you also to those who donated non-perishable food items for the ADRA Pantry, to assist those who need this in our community. We are happy to announce that we raised over $1,100 for ADRA, in addition to the substantial amount of goods generously donated by our College families.

Mufti Day Games Tournament

On Thursday students at both Kellyville and Castle Hill campuses enjoyed some fun games in an extended lunchtime session. Thanks to the Chaplains and all the teachers that helped to organise and facilitate this fun time. Our Year 12 students also ran a bake sale during recess and lunch at Kellyville campus to fundraise for their Valedictory dinner.

Home & School Association

At the end of a unique, challenging, and unprecedented term, the Home and School Association would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Deppeler. In her first year as Principal we are sure she could have never imagined she would have been guiding the College through a global pandemic. She has done so with compassion, clear objectives and communications, and with the care of staff and students at the forefront. We thank you and bless you, Mrs Deppeler, for your leadership at this most challenging time.

Furthermore, we wish to thank all the teaching, support, pastoral and grounds staff for going above and beyond at every step. To the teaching staff: for converting the curriculum into online learning, being there to guide the students through remote learning, and the transition back to school. For the support teams, office staff and pastoral care staff: for reaching out, checking in, being a smiling face at the gates or a friendly voice on the end of the phone during ISO. To our grounds staff: for the extra mile in keeping on top of new cleaning regimes, to ensure a safe environment for the staff and students. Furthermore, we have appreciated seeing staff and student leaders lined up at the gates in the cold to check temperatures and supply hand sanitiser to the students each day. For all of you we say THANK YOU!

We wish everyone a safe and blessed break. May each family take this time if possible to refresh, connect and relax.

- Home & School Committee

Extra-Curricular Activities

Please see below for some of the extra-curricular activities that are available to students in Term 3. Please contact the College for a complete list. If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact the provider directly.

Castle Hill Campus

Kellyville Campus