Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy formed October 22,2012.But it made landfall in the United States on October 29. It was a late-season post-tropical cyclone,swept through the Caribbean and up the East Coast of the United States. There was death reported in; New Jersey,Maryland,Pennsylvania,West Virginia,Connecticut,Virginia,North Carolina,Canada,Caribbean,and Haiti.

Hurricanes are weather-related,they begin as tropical storms over warm moist waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans near the equator.As the moisture evaporates it rises until enourmous amounts of heated moist air are twisted high in the atmosphere.The when speaking to circle counterclockwise North up the equator or clockwise south of the equator.The relatively peaceful center of the hurricanes is called the eye.It continues to pull my sister from the surface and grow in size and force.

The maximum effect of a hurricane are usually felt with in the right front of avadrant.The usual size of the hurricane's windfield is usually a few a few hundred miles across,although the size of the hurricane force wind field is typically much smaller averaging about 161 km across.The Area over which tropical storm force winds occur is greater as far as 500 km.

The department of the interior is investing 787 million for hurricane Sandy recovery to cleanup and repair damaged national parks and wildlife refuges restore and strengthen coastal marshes well lands and shoreline connect and open water ways to increase fish passage and improve flood resilence and posterior local efforts to protect from further storms.The succession is secondary succession because it did not take the soil with it and it was still there so plants and the living organisms that were there can come back.

People were informed for the possible hurricane a week before it actually happened, when they were informed people started getting ready for the storm.

I chose hurricane Sandy, because I thought that you would be cool to learn more about it, and I just think that hurricanes are really interesting.

This is Hurricane Sandy happening
This is what it looked like after Hurricane Sandy
This is land getting better after Hurricane Sandy
This is what it looked like when everything got better after Hurricane Sandy


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