Bad Holiday Poem By: jason sayre

As snow falls, I look out to be dismayed

The white mess falls like asbestos

My relatives that I see too often come

I can only pray that it might be calm today

I know that hiding in my rom will be pointless

Unable to escape the stress and chaos

All I can do is to make my face a slab of steel and show no emotion

The snow picks up, as if to mock me

"Dammit." Is all I can whisper to myself

The young ones start to run around our house as if it's a playground

I can hear the bells ringing to signal that any chance of peace is gone

I sigh, wondering how ong I can stay sane

Then I remember something

The sunroom, a place where it can either be cold or hot

I take my chances and go there with everything I need to be occupied and away from the chaos

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