Effects of Garlic Mustard By: Crystal vardar

All you need to know about Garlic Mustard

How to identify

Garlic Mustard resembles several native Ontario plants. The leaves at the base of the plant look like those of several plants in the carrot family, daisy family and the violet family. The seed pods look like those of several other mustard species. The easiest way to distinguish Garlic Mustard from these other plant families is to crush the leaves. If they emit a strong garlic smell, then the plant is most likely to be Garlic Mustard.


Garlic Mustard can invade relatively undisturbed forests. Once established it can displace native wild flowers like trillium and trout-lily. It hinders other plants interfering with the growth of fungi that bring nutrients to the roots of the plants. The plant threatens several of Ontario's species at risk, including American Ginseng, Drooping Trillium, False rue-anemone and many more.


Kingdom: Plants Genus: Alliaria Family: Cabbage

How it Came To North America

Garlic Mustard is originaly from Europe but was brought to North America in the early 1800's for use as an edible herb.

Efforts to Control

-Learn how to identify it.(manage the species if on your property) - Avoide using invasive plants for gardens. -Buy native plants from garden suppliers. -Dispose of invasive plants in the garbage. -When hiking, prevent the spread of invasive plants by staying on the track and keeping pets on a leash.

Structural and Behavioral Characteristics

-Good seed viabilitaty. -Grows three feet tall. -Small, white flowers grow near the top, that eventually die and pop to reproduce and spread. -Triangular shaped leaves grow alternativly off the main stream and get smaller through the top.


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