2016 A Photographic Journey

As 2016 comes to a close, I'm taking a moment to look back at the photos I took this year. Pet photos, horse shows, football games, landscapes, the super moon, and everything in between! I feel like 2016 was a year of growth for me. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past year.

This is the arena my girls ride in as often as they can, it's surrounded by tall trees and lots of greenery. The sun was setting and it hadn't rained for a while so as they rode they kicked up lots of dust. I liked how magical the light was.
My oldest got to ride English for the first time in a show this past year, this is one of my favorite shots of her as she warms up in the practice arena.
There's lots of downtime at horse shows - I took this while my youngest was waiting to ride. The old wood of the barn and the textures and colors of her saddle and blanket made a nice still life (even it was on the back of a horse!)
More practicing - this time working on sliding. I liked the motion of all of the dirt flying up as her horse slid across the ground.
In November we had one of the largest 'Super Moons' that we will see in our lifetime. I captured this shot as the moon was still rising behind the trees, it had been kind of overcast that night, but the clouds slid away just in time for the moon to make its appearance.
One more of the 'Super Moon' as it moved above the treeline.
Animals are a big part of our life, last spring we took Cowboy to the park to do a quick photo shoot. We had him on a leash, but he decided he wasn't getting enough exercise and needed to take himself for a quick run.
Fireworks are fun to photograph, I made my first attempts in 2015 and they turned out pretty good. This year I leaned on the experience from the year before and came away with several really nice shots. I like how this one in particular has a flower-like quality about it.
My oldest was on the drill team for her school this year, we went to all of the football games to watch her perform. I took this photo at the beginning of one of their away games as the players were getting ready to run through their mascot onto the field.
I was lucky enough to be allowed onto the field to take photos of the drill team's performances, this is one of my favorite.

The sun is setting on 2016, it's been yet another year of growth for me as a photographer. I'm excited for the opportunities 2017 has in store! What was your photographic journey like?

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Brian Rusinko


All photos taken by Brian Rusinko

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