Parts of the Bison

Head Parts:

1. Horns: Arrow Points, Cups, Fire Carrier, Headdresses, Ladles, Medication, Ormaments, Powderhorn, Signals, Toys, Spoons

2. Tongue: Choice Meat, Comb(Rough Side)

3. Teeth: Ornaments, necklaces

Main Body:

1. Tendons & Muscles: Arrow Ties, Bowstrings, Cinches, Sinew

2. Hair: Bracelets, Braided Ropes, Doll Stuffing, Hair Pieces, Headdresses, Horse Halters, Medicine Balls, Moccasin Lining, Ornaments, Pad Fillers, Pillow Fillers

3. Bones: Arrowheads, Awls, Eating utensils, Fleshing Toools, Game Dice, Jewelry, Knives, Pipes, Quirts, Saddle Trees, Scrapers, Shovels, Sleds, Splints, Toys, War Club, Painting tools

4. Rawhide: "Par fleche", Masks, Cinches, Ornaments, Rattles, Sheaths, Snowshoes, Trunks, Horse-water Trough, Moccasin Soles, Containers, Quivers, Ropes, Sheilds, Splints, Lariats, Buckets, Caps, Drums, Rafts, Saddles, Shrouds, Straps

5. Tail: Decorations, Fly Swatter, Knife Sheaths, Medicine, Switch, Whips, Game Wheel Hoop

Organs and Inside Parts

1. Fat: Soaps, Tallow, Tanning, Hair Grease, Filled Pipe Sealer, Cosmetic Aids

2. Liver: Food, Tanning Agent

3. Stomach Liner: Cooking Vessels, Water Container

4. Bladder: Food Pouches, Water Container, Medicine Bags

5. Meat: Immediate use, Dried, Meat / Jerky, Pemmican, Sausage

6. Blood: Paints, Puddings, Soups

Sources of Information: Smithsonian Institution National Zoo


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