Cultural and Self-Character Knowledge Within Traveling

Do you ever wish that there was an alternative way of learning that is more exciting then just sitting in a desk all day? Most college students will find that traveling takes learning to a new perspective and gives you the experience of a life time in the same moment. Being more educated in culture and your self-character can be greatly achieved from traveling abroad. This can improve your literacy involving knowledge of a specific area, in this case culture and self-character. The benefits picked up from traveling can expand your mind in many ways, that may even benefit you academically. College students should travel abroad to gain knowledge about culture and self-character because it is a fun, beneficial form of education.

Traveling Concerns

Many people's first concern when taking traveling into consideration is the cost. Do I have the money? Will it be worth it? are questions that are frequently asked. Colleges nowadays offer scholarships, grants, and loans for studying abroad programs. There are also programs for traveling with an organization outside of school as well. You are just an application and some research away, and when you are experiencing breathtaking moments during your experience and seeing beautiful places, the concern for cost will be buried back deep in your head.

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Top: Amsterdam, Netherlands / Bottom: Paris, France

Comfort Zone

When traveling your limits are tested and you are forced out of your comfort zone. This allows you to experience things you normally wouldn't and get over your biggest fears, like heights. The result of this helps you understand more about what you love to do and how you want to achieve it.


Academic involvement

In addition to comfort zone, another personal trait that is picked up from traveling is patience. While traveling, your patience may be tested when finding ways of communication or finding directions. You are forced to adapt to new things during your experience which shifts your level of patience. You learn how to work with it better. This can be taken back home with you for your academics. Becoming a more patient person allows you to work better under stress and be able to get school work done more easily and successfully. Normally i'm a really impatient person, but from all of my traveling experiences I've learned to become more patient which has helped me accomplish my school work better and has taught me to stay patient during stressful situations. Also with all that you learn from your travels, you can write down and be able to teach others on things they didn't get the chance to experience. Literacy means to be able to read and write but also apart of literacy is having knowledge in a specified area. So being able to acquire that for yourself and to be able to enhance someone else's knowledge on it too will be a positive outcome for everyone.

Richland Public Library


Next to patience, comes independence. This is a trait that can be picked up from traveling because you are in fact, half way across the world and in some cases, without your parents. Your learning falls into your hands because you get to choose the direction you go and what you get to experience/learn during your trip. This can make a person become more independent because of the responsibility that is held for their experience and learning.


Not only will traveling give you knowledge on your self-character, but it also gives you the opportunity to experience and learn more about different cultures around the world. You get to meet new people, hear new languages, new music, try new foods, and even learn more about their customs and traditions. This allows you to compare your culture to other ones and see just where you fit into this world.

Balkan Foods- Left: Cevapi Right: Pite
Albanian Independence Day Celebration - November 20th, 2016

Being exposed to many different cultures around the world while traveling gives you time for reflection to see how your culture compares to others and how it shapes you. This can make a person more open minded because you get to see just how different and alike everyone is from each other, and realizing that it's okay to be different. That's what makes the world truly diverse and unique.

College students should travel abroad to gain knowledge and have a better understanding about culture and self-character. It is a beneficial form of education and will help a student broaden their mind on culture awareness and their own character, all while helping them in academics as well. Traveling abroad is an opportunity that should be taken to receive educational benefits that can be rewarding. I recommend everyone take the opportunity, you won't be disappointed.

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