Divergent Vs. Insurgent ALEX DAGGETT

Divergent and Insurgent are two different books from the same series, written by Veronica Roth. Let's review them...
When Beatrice Prior abandons her family in Abnegation to live the rest of her life as a fellow Dauntless, she must learn to face unbearable challenges, never ending fights, infinite training, unexpected relationships, and cope with the fact that she is Divergent. Being divergent is an extremely dangerous quality to own. Divergent was a truly exhilarating, action-packed novel filled to the brim with unexpected twists, turns, and suspense sure to keep you on edge.
Initiation day should have been a joy for Tris Prior; a graduated Dauntless who earned her right to become a brave, energetic and strong individual. However, the day ends with Tris fighting to keep her friends alive in a war between two factions, each holding a grudge against each other. When Janine Mathews, an evil, greedy erudite attempts to invade faction after faction to find all individuals who are divergent, tris is threatened to spill her secrets and be controlled by never-ending simulations that reveal her true identity.
Similarities between the two books:
Divergent and insurgent each relate to the same genre: adventure! They each caught my attention, and I never had it in me to put the books down! I noticed familiar characters throughout the chapters, and was gradually introduced to new ones. When I read each story, I experienced the same kind of suspense that always kept me reading. I also noticed throughout divergent and insurgent that some quotes and phrases were repeated. I thought that was a cool little addition to have hidden between the pages!
In the book Divergent, tris is unsure that she belongs in dauntless. Then, Insurgent comes along and grants her the reassurance that she truly does belong with everyone else, and that she is an unexpectedly brave girl born from a different faction. Divergent is intentionally written to give the reader a clear view of what the four factions are, while You are yet to experience all of the war and hate between each group in insurgent. Ironically, Insurgent gives the reader a better idea of what being divergent means. Maybe It should have been titled Divergent 2...
Now, for my opinion on the two books:


Divergent was the first book in the series of which I am now in love with. I always spent my free time savouring every word, and I found myself feeling as if I was the main character. Reading Divergent made me braver, in a way; and stronger. It gives the reader the reassurance that they can be anyone, no matter what circumstance you may be in. Veronica Roth basically let me into her world of fantasy, and made it seem real to me. I found myself going down to the basement without turning the lights on, just because the setting of the book takes place mostly in the dark, and I gradually got used to it! I enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it to others who might be interested in the thrill of suspense, bravery, and strength.


Insurgent was an equally amazing book that made me forget my homework and instead fill my brain with intense fighting scenes, thrilling adventures, and daring missions. Although Insurgent was more for the technical readers, I found myself enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Divergent.Veronica Roth has an amazing taste in writing, and Insurgent really puts her skills to the test: simulations had to be described, new scenery was to be imagined, and the characters had to be easy to follow with a detailed description. To be honest, I don't think I even realised that I was getting smarter as I read this... I just followed along with the story and found myself picking up new words or quotes along the way!

What did I think about the characters? The plot? The setting?

Character opinions:

Veronica Roth gave such a detailed description of each and every character, that I could see them as clear as day in my mind. It wasn't hard at all to try and create an image of them just from words, because the author made them so easy to picture! When I watched the movies based upon each book, I was shocked to see that the characters from the movies looked exactly as I had imagined them! Detail in stories is crucial, and it matters more than one might think!


I remember being exactly six pages into Divergent... I was in awe. The suspense started right away, and I knew what was going on with the story. Detail was scattered across every little sentence I read, and I got the whole movie planned out before I even watched it! I was able to follow along with the story so well, that I was flipping pages faster than the speed of light! Each problem had a solution, so that I could tell the story was going somewhere, and that not a moment was wasted. Most importantly, I love how the book is written in first-person-view. Knowing what the main character is thinking makes everything easier to follow!


The Dauntless compound was my absolute favorite location in the book! I loved how it was described as a crazy system of dark tunnels, pits, climbing walls, gyms, dorms, and railings. Most of all, I adored reading the paragraphs of which new scenery was revealed. I know I've mentioned it at least a thousand times before, but the detail Veronica Roth puts into each sentence astounds me! I'm guessing the time period in which these books take place in are around some point in the future, even though the author never really classified that. There are simulations that hack into people's minds, there are computers in rooms with no electricity, and projections of digital messages that appear from thin air! If only we knew how to do those sort of things today...

Would I recommend these books to others?

If you liked reading "Divergent" or "Insurgent," them you will most certainly enjoy the whole series! Each book is jam-packed with action, drama, and bravery. If you like stories that make you forget the world around you for a while, then these are the books for you!

CAUTION: Series are addicting... read at your own risk.

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