Ray Kroc By: LAUREN


  • Born on Oct. 5th 1902 in Chicago IL
  • Red Cross ambulance driver in WW1
  • Met Walt Disney during war remained good friends until death
  • Milkshake machine salesmen
  • Died on Jan. 14th 1984 in San Diego CA


  • Sold milkshake machine to small restaurant (McDonald's) wanted to get involved
  • First became president of former small company
  • 6 years later bought it entirely
  • by time of death 7,500 locations in 31 countries worth 8 billion

Interesting Fact

  • After retiring from CEO from McDonald's he bought the San Diego Padres sold them a few seasons later
  • "There's more Future in Hamburgers then baseball


Character Trait

  • Financially savy
  • determined
  • disciplined

Famous Quote:

  • "If you're not a risk taker, then you should get the heck out of business


  • Without Ray Kroc I may never would have the accessibility to a delicious McDonald's restaurant


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