Crassus The coming up of CAESAR

Crassus, a very wealthy politician who was born to a poor family in the year 115 BC. Crassus gained his political power and wealth by supporting general Lucius Cornelius in his attempts to secure the city of Rome. Crassus used his wealth to raise an army and once Rome was taken, he was given a major political role in Rome. Crassus would use corrupt tactics to gain land at a modest price in Rome by setting the buildings ablaze and then buying them whilst they are on fire, before extinguishing the fire and saving the building(Crassus, Marcus Licinius) Crassus befriended Caesar, and took him under his wing as an apprentice. He helped him gain more political power by funding his gladiator games and other building projects around Rome.

Roman Theater build by Crassus citation:

Crassus funded the construction of a huge theater in the center of Rome to display his wealth and power. This famous theater brought the people of Rome together and housed many famous plays.(plutarch: Life of Caesar)


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