IDENTIFYING TRUE TRAVEL SPEND A Partner and Travel and Transport Success Story

The program

  • Team: Marc Goldberg, CFO; Ruth Baldauf, Controller; Chelsy White, Assistant Controller and Jennifer Belyea, Travel & Expense Administrator
  • Annual travel spend: $1.5 million, predominantly travel around the U.S.
  • Client since: 2016

Using travel data to control spend

The engineering, environmental and energy consulting and design services provider has grown organically and significantly in recent years. With an international footprint, Partner needed to reign in travel costs and create a revised travel policy that better suited the ever-changing needs of Partner’s travelers.

When Partner started working with Travel and Transport, our reporting tools enabled Partner's travel and finance teams to look at areas of travel spending that was out of company policy. These new metrics allowed Partner’s team to isolate areas of increased spending and work with travelers to bring costs down. For example, if a flight was booked without a hotel, the team had the data and metrics to recognize this and ask the traveler directly what their plans were. Partner’s team was also able to identify who was booking higher rates and reach out to those travelers directly to find out the reasons why.

This newfound access to data has allowed Partner to take more actionable steps to control spending. This includes speaking to travelers about their choices and using data to encourage behavior that’s in line with Partner’s travel policy. Partner’s travel and finance teams have seen a high level of online adoption of its travelers, which allows Partner’s team to keep costs down and maintain high visibility of travel across the organization.

Partner has experienced online adoption of a 92% average throughout the company.

“Travel and Transport provides us with the metrics necessary to make informed business decisions surrounding travel. We’ve never had that from a travel provider before,” - Chelsy White, Partner’s Assistant Controller.

On-going communication

Since travel is not Partner’s primary area of expertise, the team was also looking for strategic guidance and support. They have found that in Travel and Transport account representative Megan Thapa, who helps investigate opportunities for the program, presents solutions and make contact with vendors where possible.

Monthly meetings with Partner’s travel and finance teams, as well as ongoing, close communication, have helped provide a level of attention that the teams were unable to receive with another provider.

“Customer service from our account representative and the Travel and Transport Denver team has been outstanding,” says Chelsy White, Partner’s Assistant Controller. “The level of support we receive has helped remove roadblocks to keeping our travel costs in check.”

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