Workhouse and the poor during the victorian era by:sandra alcantar vega

life in the workhouse during the victorian era

Life in the victorian era was not easy here is what it was like to live and work in a workhouse.Living in a workhouse you had a very strict schedule you had to wake up every morning at 6 and eat breakfast and you would go to work at 7 you also had to go to sleep at 8 every night.

reasons why people entered the workhouse

some reasons why people entered the workhouse was because they were either way too poor or they where to old to work and unable to support themselves.

workhouse food

in a workhouse they would eat things such as small portions of bread and other things such as meat cheese and beer.Everyone the household drank beer for every meal.

workhouse rules

Both the mistress and the master had to live in the same workhouse.all the poor must go to bed by 8.All kids had to have and follow a schedule.There not stealing nor selling of clothing.Everyone in the household must attend church.Everyone must have a good attitude.Everyone mustered every Sunday.

education during the victorian era

Teachers were called mistress and masters these teachers taught things such as reading,writing,religion and service.Service was a class used to teach children about how to do chores around the workhouse it also prepared children for life in the workhouse.Children had to take atleast 3 hrs of school each day.


in conclusion to this statement workhouses in the victorian era were not ideal places to stay at.


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