Charles Learns a Lesson Ethan sattler

Sometime during the 1930's there was a man named Charles, he was a sad man because he was missing something in his life. As we all know the 1930's was the great depression. This time was hard for Charles because he was just coming off the 20's where everything was good and he was always happy.

See Charles was a very rich man during the 20's but know is living by the seat of his pants because he has nothing left, no real home, no woman, no friends, and no money. Charles would spend a week or a little more in an apartment before getting kicked out and having to move to another apartment. Charles was a night drunk, you may ask how can he be a drunk if he didn't have money, how would he get the alcohol. Well as I said he had no money and no friends for a reason. Charles didn't work nor did he want to. Charles was no Robin Hood he didn't steel for the good of others he stole things to sustain himself. The police could never catch Charles because he kept very quite and didn't move often. His daily routine would go something like wake up put on his generic black suit and go out looking for money (robbing) and also taking food from people.

There was something burning deep inside of Charles though. He once had a woman named Lucy and when Charles lost all his money when stalks crashed she left him and moved in with a man that was well enough off that he stayed very wealthy through the depression. Charles was very angry and this is what drove him to drink. When she left him she didn't tell him where she would be living so she basically vanished out of his world.

One day Charles had just traveled across town to a new apartment before he could receive the bill from the last one. His new apartment was a rickety brick building on the West side of New York. At the end of the day like usual he stole his regular bottle of scotch, bourbon, or whiskey. He went out to the fire escape and was drinking the night away just like usual but something was different. There was a nice house just across the street that was unusual during this time. He didn't know what to think about his nice house in the same neighborhood as the slums and rundown apartments that everyone seemed to crowd into.

The next day Charles decided he would walk around the block that this nice house was located and then he noticed that the whole block was full of nice white houses and happy and rich people. Being the thief he naturally was he thought he could steel some nice things from these people then he seen someone, someone he knew. It was Lucy, he was mad and sad and didn't know what to do but he wasn't going to steel from the girl he loved and missed. So he kept walking and he turned the corner to the next big white house. He seen a puppy tied up and the owner was yelling at it then he kicked it and left it chained up with no food or water. Charles didn't stand for this he took the puppy and ran back to his apartment.

Charles finally found something to replace the hole in his heart that Lucy left when she decided she didn't want Charles. Charles named the puppy king, because he said he would never let anything bad happen to the puppy and he would treat him like a king. Charles took king everywhere and spent all his time with him. This took away the reason for Charles to get that bottle of alcohol at the end of the day. Charles quit drinking and cleaned up so to speak. They had a new thing together, everyday they would walk out to the country and walk to a stream. King loved the stream because there was so many things to do out by the stream.

We have to remember that Charles still has to steel things in order to stay alive and King came to be useful when he got a little older. Apparently if you tell someone to give you something then you send a dog in growling and they give it to you a lot faster. King was getting bigger and so was Charles love and need for him. Charles loved him so much that one day King ran off and Charles spent 36 hours straight looking for him no sleep before finding him caught in a trap out by the stream.

After Charles had King healed up from his incident with the trap Kings just wasn't he same he wasn't active or energetic. He almost seamed sick but Charles did't have the money to take him to the vet. One day King was whining by the door so Charles opened it and followed him. King slowly and painfully lead Charles to the stream. Whining the hole time in pain with ever step King was obviously in agony and Charles had a good idea of what was happening. They got to the stream and King just went and layed down in it and slowly fell asleep, for good. Charles new it was for the better since he was in pain but was still extreamly sad.

Through the next week all Charles did was drink and he started getting very sick. He had no way to fill the multiple hole in his heart from the past tragedies so he just kept drinking. He passed away exactly a week after his dog do to alcohol poisoning and the last thing he seen was Lucy's house.


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