Dogs Hailey

My topic is over dogs because dogs are so cute to me. Because I don't know a lot about dogs but now I do. Do you know a lot about dogs? if you don't you should read this .

This is a dog family dogs love each other. Dogs have family us but even their dog mom they love her to and they love us too and we love them. We are all a happy dog family and will be forever. We hope that they will be with us forever we love them so much because they are our companions in our life. It would be sad to see them go because we would not be able to see them every day then are life would be happy and not miserable.
The dogs in the world have a important role in life to make us humans happy. They want us to be happy so lets take care of our dogs. Because they might not be with us forever. So give them what they want. They love the outside but not in the winter because it is to cold. It would give them a cold and we do not want them to get it .
Some dogs help their hunter hunt. We called so types of dogs hunting dogs. They go and receive what is shot down by the owner. If you want them to be a dog that hunts you can do that or if you don't want to be a dog hunter then it can be a reg. dog they can be that to. It be what ever you want them to be.
dogs are subspecies to the grey wolf. Because some dogs act like they are wolfs. But don't be alarm they won't hurt you they are not real wolfs they are just dogs. They wish they could be wolfs in their dreams. What would it be like if they were wolf I think it would be scary but that is my own opinion.
dogs sometimes act like the grey wolf because they are kinda like them. But that are not really like them they act like they are. how they act is dogs sometimes fight against other dogs. Some dog they are not the same size some are bigger and some are smaller the bigger one would win if the bigger one flight they smaller.
There are a lot of different dog breeds down below is some of the different dogs. All dogs are cute you don't need to hurt them. There are a lot of breeds the I can't count them all. If you can that would be amazing thing in you. I think that it would be hard to do to me away.
Can you guess what breed of dog this is?
guess what what breed this is?
Always take your dog to the animal doctors for check ups or if something is wrong. Because that is not good because they could be really sick . Dogs are super cute that what I think. If I had to take my dog to the vet I would I love my dog very much.
always play with your dog because he could get lonely without you around. And make sure you feed and water your dog so that they don't sick and healthy. Always show love too your dog everyday. That is what I do to care for my dog because I am always happy to be with my dog. that is a link to a video of a dog playing tug a war.

Always wash your hands after you touch a dog because you never know if they are sick and have rabies. Washing your hands keeps the germs that come your dog. I wash my hands everyday after I touch my dog that is just what I do. I hope you do it to hoe you like my page.

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