Warzone Immersion A new generation vr experience

The Idea:

We want to create an immersive experience that will put a viewer in the towns of Post-Soviet-Union northwest Russia. This will give the audience greater insight into the experience of war, the aftermath, and the rebuild.

Potential Scenes


This could be put to use in museums, schools, memorials, or even made accessible to the public online.

Potential Audience

Reasoning behind development process

We read the prompt and found the imagery very powerful, and that we, among others would benefit from an immersive experience into this landscape.

How it would be made

This is fairly easily achieved, it could be done by commissioning someone (in an area similar to the setting we want to replicate) to take photos from every perspective at a point, to send to us, so that we could edit them together and edit in surroundings relevant to the original prompt. We want to get photos taken, rather than have it all computer generated because we feel that most CGIs of warzones and battlefields are unrealistic, due to the limitations of realism in graphics. It could take a month or two to create a high quality prototype.

Created By
Cameron and Ryan


Created with images by expertinfantry - "Vietnam War" • Kiavash - "after war" • 226926 - "soldier war normandy" • mtsrs - "telegraph agency of the soviet union (TASS) in shinjuku Tokyo" • rizobreaker - "Lenin, Soviet Union" • pixel2013 - "war warzone refugees" • szfphy - "virtual reality vr goggles men's" • tmeier1964 - "vr glasses oculus"

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