Tour of the Natural History Museum

Here I am with my brother on my left and my dad on my right. I've always like fly trap plants, its cool that plants can be carnivorous even if we only see them as vegetables. I also really like it because of how large it is, it reminds me of the play "Little Shop of Horror", where they had a Venus fly trap that just got bigger and bigger throughout the play and it eventually started eating people, it was pretty funny, and I am glad I saw this plant while I was there.
This picture made me really feel like I could learn to love the land that I was on and admire what has came up of it. Although it was rainy at the time, we could see the rain forest in its naturally rainy habitat, and still see these beautiful butterflies. It's just like Leopold had said, I and the rest of the group members here love, respect and admire what we are seeing.
This right here helps us step out of our ordinary lives. How often do you get to see a giant fossil of an extinct mammoth everyday? I can tell you for certain that isn't part of my ordinary life All the extinct creatures in the exhibit that we will never probably see in real life ever again are brought back to life at the museum as they are shown as relics of the past, and some of them could be quite dangerous too.

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