Macbeth by lane kinzer

At the beginning of the movie, Macbeth leads the royal troops into battle in which Macbeth came out victorious. Three women and a little girl observed the battle. The women and little girl approached Macbeth after the battle and hailed him as Thane of Cawdor and future king.
Duncan hears about Macbeths victory and is brought the Thane of Cawdor, who he finds out is a traitor because he allied himself with the Norse invaders, he is then stripped of his title and executed. This is when Macbeth becomes Thane of Cawdor, finds put that the witches were right and he tells his wife about it.
After Macbeth tells his wife and Duncan stays with Macbeth as a guest, she urges Macbeth to kill him to fulfill the prophecy. Macbeth does so and brings her the dagger, she tells him he should've left the dagger there, she takes the dagger and places it in the hands of the sleeping guards.
With Duncan dead, Macbeth becomes king, but he knows he has no one to inherit the crown, so it will be passed down to Banquo and Fleance (his son). Macbeth sends 3 assassins to kill them both. The assassins come back to the feast and Macbeth finds put that Fleance escaped into the woods but Banquo was killed. Macbeth starts seeing Banquo's figure at the feast even though he isn't really there.
Macbeth is told that Macduff has fled go England, so Macbeth orders that Macduff's family and servants be killed. Macduff's family is captured and burned at the stake. After they are killed, Lady Macbeth gets out the dagger that was used go kill Duncan and washes it repeatedly.
Lady Macbeth goes back to the church in her village and sees the ghost of her dead child. When she leaves, she sees the witches. Macbeth is told that his wife is dead and he picks up her body and carries it around the chamber in despair.
Macbeth goes to face the attacking army and engages in battle with Macduff on the battlefield. During the battle, Macduff stabs Macbeth, making Macbeth regret all the mistakes he made through his tyranny. After his speech, Macbeth allows himself to be stabbed again by Macduff. The three witches that were watching the battle leave when Macbeth dies. At the end, Fleance takes Macbeth's sword and runs through the battlefield.


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