The Alchemist Author: paulo Coelho By: sabrina frey

"And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

This quote relates to trusting in your intuition and the universe to guide you because when you have a dream you should take that dream and go for it and trust in the universe to help you along the way. If you don't trust in the universe to guide you, your dream may not be able to be achieved. The universe helped Santiago by creating sand storms and a diversion from the men when he was trying to get away. Santiago learns to understand the universe was helping him throughout the story. Santiago struggled understanding and believing this, but soon realized that the universe helped him achieve it.

"If i am really part of your dream, you'll come back one day"

This quote relates back to having the ability to love and let go. This is because Fatima is telling Santiago that his dream is to go find his treasure and if she is part of it then she knows he will come back and he needs to be able to let go of Fatima and trust that is it is meant to be it will be. The ability to let go of someone you love and trust that they will be there when you are ready to come back is extremely important. You should always put your happiness before trying to make others happy and Santiago knows to let go of Fatima and trust she will be there when he comes back for her so that he can follow his dream.

"Don't give into your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart."

This quote relates to being aware of the destructive danger of fear. This is because fear can block you from doing what you love. Fear can eat you up inside and keep you from following your dreams and doing what you are put on this earth to do. When you are aware of what fear can do you realize how it can keep you from doing the things you love and want to do, but if you over come this fear you can take over and push it away and ignore it so that you can accomplish your goals.

"It's the possibility of having a dream home true that makes life interesting"

This quote is about following your dreams and believing in yourself because when you have a dream in life achieving it makes your life more interesting. This is because when you accomplish a dream it makes life better and makes you a better person in life. Life is meant for you to follow your dreams a trust yourself to accomplish those and that's what makes your life fun and interesting.

"Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time."

I believe that this quote relates back to having the ability to love and to let go because Santiago thought he loved the Merchants daughter but he only saw her once and it wasn't meant to be because he only saw her one time and was never going to be able to see her again. But on the other hand he had spent a lot of time with fatima and got to see and talk to her multiple days. Santiago saw Fatima more than once and he loved her so he knew he would come back to her one day and she knew that too.


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