Why so controversial? by:savannah connor

The term "Black lives matter" all started in 2012 when the shooting of Trayvon Martin became a worldwide appearance.

Patrisse Cullors ( women far left) was inspired and decided to set up a twitter and tumblr at #blacklivesmatter

But why is " black lives matter" so controversial? some people believe it's controversial according to a pepsi advertisement that had many reviews and a great deal of criticism.

This advertisement was used from the black lives matter movement. After a day of criticism the ad sent out by pepsi said " Pepsi has apologised for the imagery that was borrowed for the movement ". Reports say that pepsi was trying to produce a global message of unity, peace and understanding.

Wy make this topic controversial? We all should have a slight idea that all humans are equal, have the same rights and should be able to live free feeling secure, there is nothing that can prove that we aren't all the same.

Little kids who have zero understanding of world issues are still able to understand that it doesn't matter what color, race, ethnicity you are the only thing that matters is that you are caring and treat everyone equal.

US people of the world need to figure out and understand that everyone is equal and there is no difference between anyone. we all should have the same rights and we all should be able to accept each other.

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Savannah Connor

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