Poetry As explained by a child

My name is Memi on here right now, it might change or it might stick. but for now, I am Memi. I'm not 'that kid who talks alot' or 'that kid who pretends to be happy when they're not.' on here I can make up my own name, on here I can tell my real story, not the one I tell my friends. you might be wondering, ''what the heck does this have to do with poetry?!'' but this has everything to do with poetry, you just can't tell right now.

Who are you? Answer: You are someone. Just like me, and just like anyone else reading this. We are not the same. I have an identity different then yours, its different then everyone else in the world.

Every poet you have ever herd of has had a different identity. They are not the same. That's why people like them. I consider myself a poet, though only one person knows to what extent. I would like to share this part of my self with you.

This is a poem I have written.

Hide Away

I shouldn’t be here

I’m trapped, I’m sorry

Once more

I try to smile

Why try to make me laugh?

You already know how that will end

I look down

Don’t you realise what I’m saying?!

When I run, I’m trying to hide!

When you follow my heart breaks inside

Almost nothing left to say

Goodbye to my last true hide away

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