If I could Fly...? by: Christian del Pino

If I could fly... I would travel the world on wing!

I would see all of the sights there are to be Seen, but I would see them from a new angle; the sky. I would also visit my friends back home, and take them on journies through the air. I would say "I'll save the world!"

I would, on ocassion, shower children with candy! And should I fly over a wedding, I would drop flowers for the cause...

I would imagine my wings to be white feathers with silver trim and sparkles, so they looked like a cloud that always sparkled with sunlight. They would look like the wings of an angel.

For once, I would feel like I was above, I would be the sky now, and I could forever soar above those who have hurt me. I imagine it like being one with nature, flying through blue skies without an airplane. I could fly through forrests like in the movies, admiring every sight as I go. It would be amazing.


Created with images by Fr Antunes - "Arles France" • Moyan_Brenn - "Italy" • Hoshi_sae - "Poetical View" • rkarkowski - "moon the fullness of sky"

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