Itinerary for Park City - May 2017

I took the liberty of setting up an itinerary for our trip to Park City next week. Hope you are as excited about it as I am...

Day 1: The Genuine DUDE RANCH Experience

Your day will start with getting to see a real life DUDE RANCH! There will be real DUDEs there like our host and guide, Stuey Goldstein from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Stuey says: "HOWDY PARTNER"

You will have a chance to ride a real HORSE like this one...


And to top it all off, you will get to participate in a GENUINE ROUNDUP!! Isn't that EXCITING????

DAY 2: Mountains!

Thats right, on Day 2, you will get to see REAL MOUNTAINS. And here is where it gets really exciting. They are genuine, certified ORGANIC mountains. I bet you don't have THAT in Montana!

You will have an opportunity to go over the mountain to see what you can see, YAY!


DAY 3: Getting in TOUCH with your FEELINGS with a SPECIAL GUEST.

Now I know you can barely contain yourself...Thats right, you will be going to a special Get in Touch with Yourself poetry reading and selfie photo contest with your favorite and mine...


I know, you don't have to say it. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

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