High plains region 5Q Written by Jed Ava and Sam

The high plains region consists of Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Nebraska.

Map of high plains

The summers tend to be in the 70-80 degree range and have thunderstorms. The winters tend to be a lot colder below the freezing mark in some parts.

The high plains consists of a semi arid climate it is mostly flat grassland. The high plains is part of the great plains. Three of the most common plants are short grass prickly pear cacti and scrub bushes.

The high plains receives a rainfall of around 10-20 inches a year. The lowest population densities in the United States. Wide extreme temperatures occur due to the little moisture.

The most common irrigated crop is corn it is unusual weather would be a hail storm because it is warmer in the southern parts of the high plains.

Air is dry throughout the year the annual high temperature are around 75°F the low is around 45°. The average precipitation in most of the high plains region is in 40s and 50s of cm.

The climate in the summer is a warm temperature, perfect for going outside. The winter is a very cold freezing climate in some parts of the area. The spring and fall seem to between somewhere around 40-50 degrees.

Climatologists use temperature, precipitation records they use 30 years of records to track the climate they may also use barometers they use climolograph rain gauges they use hygrometer and thermometers to track the climate.

One of the most terrifying events in the high plains was the tornado outbreak in 2015. About 20 people died and this tornado caused millions of dollars of damage.

74.8 is the annual high and 45.1 is the annual low

Frisco Texas


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