Digital Media Design By Honna Sammons

This year's FunFest XXV is being held at Sandhills Community college and over 300 students, teachers, volunteers and judges will be participating.

These participants come from all over Moore County. The schools they come from include: Crain's Creek, Elise, Highfalls, New Century, Southern, West Pine, and Westmoore all of wich are middle school along with North Moore, Pinecrest, and Union Pines High Schools

In this competition, I watched cars made of a Basswood and powered by CO2 race in time trials of ten cars at a time down an inclined plane. These car were painted for the most part to look like race cars, and each of them were cut in different ways to reflect what the competitors think would have the fastest time. That leads to a large variation in designs.

Competitors designed vehicles that used a mousetrap to travel exactly 10 meters. This was interesting since the only way the axles of the cars could move was a string wound around it and pulled by the arm of the mouse trap.

This is one of my favorite competitions because with only paper, kite string, masking tape, and drinking straws, competitors are told to make a vehicle which is meant to prevent an egg from breaking, and each vehicle is unique in design. Over all, it is an entertaining competition to watch.

This competition, like the egg drop, is always fun to see because of the creativity that goes into making a plastic 2 liter bottle in to a launchable rocket, and then comparing the distance one model goes compared to the others.

This is the first time I have ever seen this competition and was quite curious what the competitors would make out of the balsa sticks. Some brought predrawn plans while others seemed to wing it, and some bridges looked similar to others and others were one of a kind. Over all, it was interesting to watch them be built and tested using the sand and bucket method.

This, like the Balsa Wood Bridge is a competition that today, was my first time seeing, and I was amazed that with little more than a hundred toothpicks, one can make a strong bridge that can support so many weights hung from a bar.

In this competition, teams of four students are given a problem and a set amount of time to solve it. This, unlike the other competitions which test out the best design after a lot of preplanning, instead tests out how well competitors can brainstorm solutions and execute them quickly.

This competition seemed like a step up from the mouse trap cars. The competitors have to make a flyable airplane with only a rubber band and propeller to keep it from falling out of the air.

This is the competition that I am participating in. Going into it, I had never used Adobe Spark and the thought of having to take photos, and upload them to a web site all in a matter of a few hours made me a bit nervous, since I had never done anything like it before and did not really know what to expect. So I made all of the graphics ahead of time so I would have more time in case I ran into some problem. With that said, it was fun running around seeing all of the different competitions and how people used their problem solving skills in different ways even though they were given a set amount of time and materials.

There was not to much too see for this competition, all the videos had already been shot, and all there was were projects presented on DVD, that then were played on a computer.

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