Arctic Hare by lawrence lyra

Arctic Hares are mammals that live in the tundra. An Arctic Hare can change color with the weather. They are 17-27 inches long. They weigh 5.5 – 15 pounds. Arctic Hares have tall ears with black tips. They have big eyes. Arctic Hares change color to white in the winter and brown and gray in the summer.

An Arctic Hare is an herbivore. It only eats plants. It likes to eat bark, plants, roots, woody plants, buds, berries, and leaves. Arctic Hares can live in a pack so they can watch for prey. Arctic Hares have white fur so it can blend in with the snow. It lives in the Tundra, North Pole, and the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Hares dig holes so it can sleep with its family. Arctic Hares have long claws to dig for plants under the snow. They can stay very still so predators don’t see them and eat them. Arctic Hares have strong legs so they can run fast.

Polar bears and Snowy Owls eat Arctic Hares. Arctic Hares will dig in the snow to hide and protect itself.

Arctic Hares are very interesting animals. They are important to their ecosystem and to the world.h


Created with images by USFWS Headquarters - "Arctic Hare" • Unsplash - "arctic hare mountain hare polar" • em_j_bishop - "Arctic Hare" • IainCameron - "Snowy Owl"

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