I remember that I would misbehave at times and my grandma would always tell me " Si no te paras el chokie te va a llevar cuando estés durmiendo." I would always get so scared because I thought he was going to take me and kill me.

But one day I had courage to ask her why would he like to take kids. So then she told me he was like that because his mom left him when he was little. And he went to this home with a bunch of kids and those kids would be mean and bully him. He didn't know why they would treat him like that because he never do anything to them.

He asked a kid why nobody liked him the kid said that it was because of his looks. He tired not to listen them because he didn't want anybody to notice it was getting to him. But one day this kid crossed the line by hitting him. And that's when chuckie had enough and grabbed a knife and killed him. Among the other kids in there. He killed everyone in that room.

Since then he has Ben killing kids that are mean and don't listen. The end. My grandma told me and since them it has stocked with me.


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