Media literacy Kitana Riojas, Nathaniel ROdriGuez, and kaitlynn mosley

On your iPad in notability, create a new note and then write two examples of how different camera angles and music change the tone of a movie.

Notes: media basics

MESSAGE:When a film or TV show is created, it becomes a media product and sends a message

AUDIENCE:A target audience is the specific group of people that product or presentation is aimed at.

PURPOSE: The purpose, or intent, of a media presentation is the reason it was made.

Media messages are constructed to gain ___ and ____. The creators of media messages often provide a commodity, such as _______, or entertainment, in order to make____. The bigger the _______, the more the media outlet can charge for ________.

A script is the text or words of a film or television show. A _______ is a device used to plan the shooting of a ____or tv show. A _______ is made up of _____,and brief descriptions of what is happening in each shot of a ____.

Visual elements in a film and television show include ____ ___and angles. A camera shot is a single, continuous view taken by a camera. A camera angle is the angle at which the camera is _______ during the recording of a shot or image.

Special effects: Include computer-_____ animation, manipulated video images, and fast-or slow ____sequences in films, tv programs, and commercials.

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