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Audiobiographical statement

Hello! My name is Emma Halliwell. I am Currently an Art and Design Foundation Student at George Brown College. I have always had a love for the arts and wanted to peruse my passion through a creative career path. I have struggled in choosing a school program due to my wide range of interests in many future job options. For example, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Artist and Florist. But the Art and Design Foundation program has helped guide me into choosing the best program suited for me.

Academic Intent

After carefully reviewing all of my career options I have finally decided to continue at George Brown in the Special Event Management program. I believe this program will suit my interests and passions.

Art is a way of expression. No matter what is going on throughout life it will always be there-Emma Halliwell

Creative Process

A representation of my creative process while completing a project. Shown below is a specific presentation of my union perspective drawing

To begin this assignment and any other assignment I first gather all materials needed to complete the project.
We began a four hour study at Union Station to complete perspective and detail of any area we like the most. -After the onsite drawing we would get our perspective approved by the professor then sit down with the drawer and correct it with a ruler or change it as she pleased.
After the drawing I then transferred in onto a smaller scale canson paper and completed two light studies at Union Station. One studies using both cool and warm colours and the other just warm colours.
Transferred the drawing onto the final big scale canson paper and selected the coloured pencils i wished to use to best show how light is reflected in the building.
This is my final project! After my colour studies I decided to go with some more neutral, warm and cool colours to tie aloof the light together and complete and aesthetically pleasing drawing. Overall I am very proud of my art piece

Inspirational Quotations

  • "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" -Edgar Degas
  • “Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing–and keeping the unknown always beyond you.” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe
  • "Nature is not something that can be seen by the eye alone-it lies also within the soul, in pictures seen in the inner eye." Edvard Munch
  • “Art is a line around your thoughts.” ~ Gustav Klimt

Contact Information

  • Emma Halliwell
  • Email: ehalliwell09@gmail.com
  • Phone Number: 905-869-6760


"Self Portrait"

A self portrait in density controlled ink with the full grey scale used. In this self portrait I was free to interpret myself is anyway I pleased. I was inspired by Gustav Klimt.

"Octopus" (Point, Line, Shape)

This project was created in order to demonstrate a design using the elements of line, point and shape. After choosing an image I then used point and line to develop shape and structural organization of form from the original composition of the octopus.


An ink drawing at the St. Lawrence Market to master the skill of detail, perspective, ink work and completing a life drawing.


I was to create an image, which reflects the philosophy of my chosen career area. (shown here was a logo for the Landscape Design Program) This was a four-colour project with a flat graphic approach. Once my logo had been developed, I added the word element, Landscape Design, was designed based on typographic principles.

"News Article"

This is a digital media assignment that showcased how to use typography with column while creating an article layout.

"Acrylic Still Life"

A realistic still life acrylic study that told a story through of my interests throughout life. Shown by the objects in the still life.

"Renaissance Self Portrait"

After studying the renaissance period in art history. I referred to a renaissance artists piece and replaced the face as my own to study realism.


A human anatomy study of the bones, muscle and flesh

"City Gallery"

The study of texture, achromatic and polychromatic colour schemes using a city shoot photograph

"Union Perspective"

The objective of this project is to produce a visually dynamic study of the behaviour of light using coloured pencils on canton paper, all the the correct perspective. Light and perspective studied on site at Union Station.

Figure Drawings

A few figure drawings exploring the human anatomy and light studies that were casted. Black and white coloured pencils on grey Canson paper.

A figure drawing using coloured pencils to observe and demonstrate the behaviour of light on the human body.

Thank you for viewing my portfolio!

-Emma Halliwell


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